Artist update: Interview with Steph Diamant

Navigating the art world in New York City is a unique challenge. It’s daring to parse through the sharks, curators and even fellow artist, especially when you immerse yourself in the way that newly found artist Stephanie Diamant has. In her pursuit of being a practicing artist in NYC she decided to leave her corporate job. We welcomed Steph as one of our exhibiting artists for our pop-up event “Squeegee Pulp-Up” this summer and took the time to see how pursuing art full-time has impacted her.

AE: So I heard you left your corporate job and are currently taking some time to kickstart your art career! What inspired the jump?
SD: Well I’ve always been into art. I loved contemporary art museums while traveling too. But being part of the sixxeight art show [Squeegee Pulp-Up] opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. It felt less intimidating than walking into a typical gallery. There was such a, vibe there. It made me realize how much I wanted to be an artist, and how much more there is, how much more I would need to do.

AE: How did it feel leaving your job?
SD: I wanted to take time away from working full time to get inspired. I do well with multiple projects on my plate, but I felt starting this, that would require more time. I am really lucky, everyone has been so supportive.

AE: So your family and friends are on board with your new direction?

SD: Haha. Well I don’t think my family was that surprised I would do something like this. I have always been creative, I have painted since high school. My friends, I don’t know if they really get it, what I am doing everyday. They are all cheering me on and are so happy for me. I guess that’s all I could really ask for!

AE: So what is daily life looking like, what are you up to?
SD: Right now I am researching to develop a new series. I have so many ideas. It’s like figuring out where to start, and what ideas to combine. And how to reach new audiences. I am working with a web developer to launch my website. Also working on a couple commissions and making prints of my available work.

AE: What type of themes are you planning for the new series?
SD: I have been collecting a lot of materials, exploring textures. There are a lot of sea shells. I live in the seaport district, and am hanging some pieces in a cafe there. It’s got me thinking about my art as becoming more of a mixed media brand.

AE: So you studied fashion design in college. Is that still an influence?
SD: I love fashion, but no longer work in that field. My art is influenced by fashion, I am still doing fashion illustration and incorporating that style into my paintings. I love pop art and my work is very colorful.

AE: What’s the biggest challenge right now?

SD: I am so busy everyday, but I am doing something different all the time. A lot of meetings, I am always meeting someone. Right now it’s taking time to build credibility, being able to like just show it. Some days I am excited about one idea, but then the next day it’s something different. There’s just so many ideas and so many options.

AE: What are you most excited about?  

SD: I’m most excited about my future goals to build relationships with more people in the art scene, do collaborations with other brilliant artists and hopefully make it into the Chelsea Galleries one day!