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Ryan Davis, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a product of his environment and recently graduated with his MFA at Ohio University. His first public works were two billboard size banners in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, expressing the need for harmony amongst it’s residence. In Ohio, he has since created public works for the cities Bowling Green and Toledo. He has invested himself in Columbus through his Polyvocal Mixtape series, engaging students in the law department at Ohio State University.

His studio work expresses similar sentiment through a variety of modes in making art. Through this, he seeks to reflect the idea that what makes us different is what makes us similar. This is also reflected internationally. By exhibiting works regarding subjects of diversity in Venice, Italy, Almeria, Spain, and Ghana, West Africa he interestingly generates a cross-cultural conversation.

One of his most adventurous artistic and international endeaavors was his travel on scholarship to Ghana, West Africa. He proposed and conducted a project to paint and coordinate murals for the students at Sowers Academy Elementary School. The project was made possible as a recipient of the Palmer Scholarship from the Toledo Museum of Art.

Ryan continually seeks new ways to express the necessity of diversity and the kinds of variance he sees within his home state. Additionally, he hopes to see local communities recognize itself as an instrument capable of contributing to its immediate environment and the world.