#ThinkingCap Competition

Call For Sketchbooks

Artists are invited to submit works made in a sketchbook filled with works of art. The structure of this sketchbook can include traditional or handbound sketchbooks along with drawings, paintings, watercolor & inks, photographs and writings; as well, non-traditional structures ranging from collage, pop up illustrations to assembled napkins or posted notes.

We developed this idea from the notion that the mind is the original sketchbook for all artists; where an idea begins before it physically manifests. Like the mind, a cap has always been aligned with being an initial thinking space, sketchbook, and container of mind.

Also, this competition aligns with our #ThinkingCap product. On the hat is an iconographic image of a page featuring the holes in a sketchbook. Our minimalist design intends to reflect the symbiotic relationship between the mind and the creative spirit.


The winner of the competition will receive one of our limited edition #BerrySeries t-shirts, and one of our 5 panel hats. In addition we will also have a full length interview and write up to be featured on our website, including all 10 of their submitted images. Their artist bio and work will also be included on our websites artist page, permanently.

Guidelines & Application
  • Submit at least 10 images, between 150 and 300 dpi HQ images of your sketchbook pages
  • Photographs must be taken in a way that we see the assembled structure as to know that all images came from the same structure
  • Label files as exemplified (lastname_firstname_sketch_pg#) i.e. (Doe_John_sketch_01)
  • Label files in order of assembled in your structure
  • No size limitations
  • Any copies of other artists work will be disqualified.
Deadline (Extended)

July 8th, 2018

  • Send all information to thesixxeight@gmail.com
  • In the subject line label: #ThinkingCap Submission
  • Fill out the attached release form

The committee at sixxeight will select a winner based on how visually compelling and full the sketchbook is.; not necessarily on it’s completion. Given the endless possibilities of what a sketchbook can be it is to the jurors discretion to qualify what meets the standards of a sketchbook for the purposes of this competition.